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Natural and environment friendly
Zinc is a natural element which can be reused. Zinc melts at 430℃ which is lower than all other metals and causes less energy use.

Casted zinc objects can be surface treated in different ways

Zincs capacity
Zinc die casting objects have a great strength, elasticity, toughness and ductility.

Die casted zinc can have very small wall thickness, and very narrow tolerances make it possible to cast parts ready for installation of bearings. Precise and very small details can be included in the casting – even in complex geometries.

Noise Cancelling
Die casted zinc is sound absorbing therefore it is used for mechanics with movable parts, chains or the like. As example in remote window control systems, where noise should be minimized.

Flexible material
Die casted zinc is flexible and works perfectly with construction and design. Zinc allows more objects to be integrated in one gathered object. The smoothness of zinc makes it available to avoid using bushings, and therefore also reduces energy costs.

Economic benefits
Tools made of die casting maintain for longer periods of time – and zinc objects can be casted in a fully automatic production, which is cost saving.

Reduced weight
Zinc is heavier than other metals. This is an advantage when more heavy equipment is required. On the other side it is possible to optimize zinc, so the weight can be sufficiently reduced. This does not affect strength and complexity.

Great benefits
Die casted zinc has good electric and heat conductive abilities. This is a great advantage when space is limited and there is still is a need to divert heat.

Avoid EMC
Die casted zinc shields away EMC. The EMC guard is top quality.